Our Story

All about coffee!

Upshot has long been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the coffee industry. Passed down through generations, we have masterfully honed the skills, diligently cultivating and selecting the finest beans - not only providing a unique touch to the coffee experience but also preserve the rich traditions and values associated with the beverage.

In recent times, Upshot within the coffee industry has embraced the innovative concept of “tree-to-cup”, ensuring quality production while cultivating harmonious relationships along the coffee supply chain.

The attention to detail and commitment to preserving traditional roasting techniques has earned us a distinguished reputation, and attracting coffee enthusiasts seeking an exceptional brew. We also understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with coffee farmers and by directly working with farmers, we ensure ethical practices, establishing a traceable and sustainable coffee supply chain.

More than just running a business, we appreciate the authentic connections that we established with people who are linked through coffee communities and we are more than just coffee purveyors. We are strongly devoted to be the guardian of tradition and ambassador of coffee culture.